In the present context striving to acquire a place in the arena of Distance Education through Technology while holding a pioneering status in India. The Institute offers Undergraduate Programs, Postgraduate programs, Diploma programs, and Doctorates in various Disciplines.


The Research faculties of the University offering doctorate degrees have highly qualified professionals, trained in specialized areas with several of them holding Post Graduate degrees & Doctoral Degrees from universities abroad. In all of the above, the institute helps the young and old without coercion or compulsion to deepen their commitment to a life of service by means of presentation through teaching. Students enrolled in the academic programs are exposed to various technical training, which enables them to develop skills in their respective field. The Institute keeps the students informed about potential job opportunities and helps them in making prudent decisions for their future careers. It maintains and promotes close linkages and active contact with potential employers both National and Multinational.


Governance of Indian Education stands on four pillars, namely education policy, educational planning, educational administration comprising legal provisions, statutes and acts, and educational management. The 42nd Constitutional Amendment has made education a shared responsibility between the Union and State governments. It is largely the domain of the state except in case of controversy where union government enjoys greater say. All the states and union territories govern education in their own respective ways. Studies on Educational Administration in all the states and union territories has been completed of which 26 studies have been published and others are in the process of publication. These studies indicate State of Art of different aspects of educational administration. This publication “Governance of School Education in India is based on the comparative analysis of different aspects of educational administration in 26 states and UTs. It brings together significant contributions from the educationists, experts, planners and professionals.